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•BF BusinessFactory es una corporación líder en la generación de negocios y servicios en el Ecuador

• Esta formada por 30 de las más prestigiosas firmas del Ecuador en distintos segmentos de negocio: 16 áreas de generación de negocios,   9 áreas de consultoría empresarial y 16 áreas de consultoría jurídica. 

• BF invites you to develop and enhance your business by being a member of the Business Factory Network, the first network for business generation in Ecuador


  • Access to business opportunities in the monthly business rounds and in product auctions with prominent clients, organized by BF.

  • Contacts and promotions of your products or services with the network of associated companies.

  • Fairs for the promotion of specialized products and services with the participation of the most important clients in the local market

  • Diagnosis of 4 critical areas of your business prior to restructuring or developing a new FIDE360 business plan.

  • Management of Investment and Financing Sources through PROBROKERS SA CASA DE VALORES

  • Business, corporate and legal consulting services with BF experts, with discounts.

  • Business Centers: use of business spaces, offices, conference rooms, in different cities of the country, in the BC Business Centers network, attended by executives from high-level companies

  • Invitation to high-level monthly conferences, with current topics in the business area.

  • Business seminars

  • Insurance with special rates, with coverage for members

  • Discounts with partner companies

  • Accreditation of Points by referral of members

  • Use of Membership Program Points for the activities mentioned above

• Membership in different Plans (Professional, Micro-Entrepreneurial, Business, Corporate, Corporate Premium).

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